Warning: Cashpounds is against any unethical lending practice. We never ask for upfront fees and hidden charges.

CashPounds - Best among Online Money Lenders in Ireland

CashPounds is one of the most trustworthy loan agencies in Ireland for personal and business loans. We are always available to help the individuals with flexible loan deals with varied interest rates to choose from.

We are here to assist you in getting the best loan option matching your financial needs. Our large ambience of loan products includes several financial purposes, such as renovating home, holiday expenses, debt consolidation, car financing, and even managing business expenses.

Your search for having genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland will end here. We have plenty of reasons to prove it because we are spreading our lending network on basic principles:

FUNDING for Big Moments:We know your life is waiting for some big moments, and we are ready to fund them. It can be buying a new car or having a start-up.

FUNDING for Unexpected Expenses :Your finances will have lots of surprises that dismantle the whole balance. Our quick funding will back you in managing unexpected expenses.

FUNDING for Quick Financial Assistance: You have approached us to get timely financial assistance. Our services are equal to this by bringing funds on the same day.

FUNDING for Credit Score Improvement: Your past credit may not support your present financial opportunities. Our flexible personal loans will back you in your efforts of credit score improvement.

FUNDING for helping Jobless Individuals: Getting or losing the job is the part of life, but it should not halt your cash flow. We ensure this by providing bespoke loan offers for the unemployed.


High Rated Money Lenders in Ireland for Your Business Needs

Have you planned already to have a start-up?

Are you ready to grow your business capital?

Do you want significant funding for your expansion plan?

We may be new in the Irish loan marketplace, but we have a team of most experienced loan experts. They prepare loan deals according to the affordability of the businesses and the need for your financing.

We are positive in our approach and offer competitive market rates better than the traditional loan agencies in Ireland. Our loans are quickly accessible to provide funds for any genuine purpose.

In general, our business lending runs on three principles:-


You get the loans on the same day without putting collateral to secure the borrowed amount.


You can choose your loan term according to your business needs and earning capacity.


We are already among the private lenders in Ireland offering business loans for bad credit.

Affordable Online Loans in Ireland

CashPounds has already helped many individuals with fast loans in Ireland. We want to provide great customer service accessible 24/7 and, most importantly, suitable financial options for your prevailing circumstances.

Not one or two but many reasons are there why our borrowers across Ireland love to apply for loans here. It becomes possible with our objective of assisting individuals on their everyday needs and sudden expenses of their lives.

Our lending procedure is highly digitalised. The online application process is both speedy and secure. Without any complication, you can explore our website and submit your loan application by filling a single-page online form. It means applying for everyday loans in Ireland can be done immediately.

Our commitment is to look after your financial interests and offer the best financial solutions through an easy procedure. We have set one of the largest networks of non-traditional genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland with the online process.

Take a glimpse of our loan products and make the decision:-

Car Loans

Use our car loans and get funds while purchasing the car without any funding gaps.

No Credit Check Loans

Keep up your recent credit performance excellent, and we do not check your score.

Unemployed Loans

Are you not earning full-time income? We can approve a loan on a part-time income.

Doorstep Loans

Get the valuable service of cash-at-the-door with no worry of providing collateral.

Bad Credit Loans

Leave your past credit mistakes behind and move on with our poor credit loans.

Quick Loans

Never mess around during a financial emergency and opt for our instant funding.

At CashPounds, you have one and direct platform for loans in Ireland. The loan approval for you comes irrespective of your credit status, employment or financial emergencies. We make not only better financial decisions but quick ones too. Yes, we deal 100% online with the least documentation to follow and minimum involvement of the obligations.

Our loan application procedure is embellished with simple steps, soft perusal and instant disbursal. Just apply at once and see the difference from other loan companies in Ireland.

Apply Online

Just take only 5 minutes to fill out our smart one-page online loan application form from your busy schedule.

Obligation-free Loan Quote

Once your application gets approval, get a quick loan quote. Approve it and wait for a few minutes for our acceptance.

Soft Credit Assessment

We do a soft credit check of your financial profile. It will not impact your credit history. You get approval straightway.

Receive Finance

Within 5 minutes of loan acceptance, we release the funds transferred to your registered bank account.

The application process may be simple and secure. Still, CashPounds offers only affordable loan deals. It will be according to your repayment capacity and affordability to pay the interest rates throughout the life of the loan.

Why Choose CashPounds?

We are a well-settled genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland and provide financial help to many individuals every day. ‘Reasons can be anything’ to apply for the loan, but ‘Reasons are specific’ when you apply from a lender.

Choose us not just as your loan agencies in Ireland. Instead, make us your financial ally during the emergency. We commit to you in terms of providing urgent funding without asking for many things.

Yes, we are unique, but the procedure is simple. Our loan products may be similar to others but make sense with a soft approach.

Isn’t it enough to choose us as your online lender? If not, we give you many more reasons to opt for our microfinance in Ireland, such as:-

See What Our Clients are Saying

We personally treat your financial issues while preparing personal loans in Ireland. It is the reason our clients’ like our loan rates and flexible terms, which calm down overall borrowing cost. Of course, there is no upfront fee involved and no early repayment charges.
Continue to read below how our customers have appreciated us in the past. They are not those who have applied for loans in Dublin from us or any other, but from everywhere in Ireland. Once you apply for loans here, you will find appreciation too here.

Hi everyone, my name is Phil, and I belong from Dublin. I would like all to know about my experience with CashPounds. Last month I was stuck in a financial emergency and applied for a quick loan here. I was surprised to see the instant response from their end and got the funds on the same day. Wonderful service...

- Phil, Dublin

There is nothing like complicated when it comes to borrowing from CashPounds. It was my own experience when I applied for a bad credit loan there. The interest rates are very competitive and flexible suit my financial capacity. Thank you guys for the responsible lending...

- Stephen, Cork

CashPounds, as I think, is one of the most reliable lenders in Ireland. The online service is extremely fast and a lot convenient compared to other direct lenders. However, the best thing I like the most is the company’s staff. The experts here guided me a lot, and they didn’t charge anything. Thanks a lot...

- Mazia, Limerick

Personal Online loans in Ireland with Personalised Pricing

We want you to be strong in your borrowing power without any worrying about the overall loan cost. Show trust on us and we reward you with the affordable as well as better interest rates on any loan.

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