Bad credit loans in Ireland - Your survival tool during a financial crisis

Money crisis during bad credit situation presents a bigger issue, but it has a solution through bad credit loans in Ireland. The borrowing option offers funds to fill financial gaps whenever required. CashPounds, with its presence all across Ireland, makes sure you get the money assistance at the right time. We are available 24x7, 365 days. As the circumstances are unforeseen sometimes and you may need money urgently, an instant approval decision can help. We may be the correct address if you are looking for bad credit loans on instant decision in Ireland.

With online verification of the financial and personal details of the applicants, we ensure a paperless process. The loan calculator gives you a rational figure of monthly and annual instalments. The logical approach, to consider the current repaying capacity more important than credit score, helps us offer a low interest rate. The loans have no purpose constraint. Get the best deals on personal loans in Ireland with bad credit situations.

Whether you have time to wait or you want the money now, we can always provide funds at the right time. In case you need it, they can guide you on everything without making annoying calls. Our priority is your financial well-being, and for that, you can depend on us.

5 Online Bad Credit Loans You Can Get from CashPounds

We have the popular poor credit loan products that normally people ask for. Get loans in Ireland with bad credit with a variety of deals. They serve the borrowers in varied situations and help fight any money crisis with immediate funds.

  • Bad credit no guarantor loans – Normally, people consider that they have to bring a guarantor due to their poor credit situation. But we need to inform you that poor credit loans are always available without any guarantor requirement. The new-age lending gives more significance to the status of the current income as compared to credit history. Also, we need to be clear that no guarantor obligation never makes your deal expensive. We have cheaper deals than other options like legit loans for bad credit Ireland. To see the difference you can apply now.
Loans for Bad Credit Ireland
  • Bad credit loans for unemployed – Get funds despite job loss based on an alternative source of income. It may not be easy for jobless people to get a loan after being unemployed. However, if you ask where to get a loan in Ireland for the unemployed despite bad credit, we may assist you with the required funds. The condition here is that the earning source should be regular and sufficient to pay loan instalments. We may verify the authenticity of your income source as part of a general process.
  • Bad credit student loans – A big percentage of our borrowers for the loan for bad credit in Ireland, consists of students. They are doing the job but have many financial responsibilities due to which they fail to pay all bills. As a result, they need financial support and apply to us. With an instant approval decision policy, we try to support them. Daily commute, tuition fee, accommodation charges etc., there are many types of expenses for students. We also give seasonal offers on loan deals. If you are searching for student loans for bad credit in Ireland, you can contact us.
  • Bad credit holiday loans – Who wants to go on a holiday? We all love it, and perhaps poor credit score people need it more because they already struggle with many financial issues. CashPounds offers rational deals for short-term bad credit loans in Ireland for holiday with customisation. This may be a good thing to ensure that you can also enjoy holiday and vacation despite being in a poor credit situation.
  • Bad credit business loans – These are the short-term loans we offer to the business owners to make them able to manage small scale financial issues. Normally the borrowers with working capital crisis and other short-term financial issues apply to us for instant funds. We have prepared a loan deal with the help of business accounts and bank statements for the last 6 months. We aim to match the rate of interest and repayment schedule according to the repaying capacity of the borrowers.

Why do people fail to get bad credit loans?

Several reasons are responsible for causing obstacles in loan approval. We keep educating our borrowers on the responsible reasons. It can help you get instant approval without any rejection fear. The situations mentioned here are applicable everywhere on bad credit accepted loans in Ireland.

  • Consistent and recently missed payments: If you miss your repayments and bills payments frequently, it can always be an important reason to get rejected. The lending rules now allow any lender to offer legit loans for bad credit in Ireland to applicants with poor recent financial behaviour. In a poor credit situation, current repaying capacity is the primary factor to check creditworthiness. If that is missing, loan approval is not allowed to the lenders.
  • Multiple applications and search footprints This happens typically due to a lack of knowledge. People often apply to many lenders in haste to get funds, but that is not a good idea. Due to multiple applications, many finance companies may do a credit check on your credit records. It causes various search footprints. However, CashPounds have no credit check facility, but not every lender offers this. Send one application at a time.
  • Failure to authenticate income source – Whether you are employed, unemployed or self-employed, an earning source is necessary. That source should be possible to authenticate. If a borrower fails to verify their earning source due to any reason, it may cause a rejection. Normally people with a gap in two jobs face it. Besides, the business owners with no organised accounts may have to bear a rejection in such a situation.

Do you lend to the applicants from rural locations in Ireland?

We have no location bias and no matter where do you live. Our only focus is the strength of your personal finances to repay an instalment. We are online and available round-the-clock. Whether you search for loans in Dublin for bad credit situation or from a remote or rural area, we lend everywhere.

Unlike mainstream lending, direct lending solutions have no location bias. They reach everyone at all places. Next time when you apply for a loan with a poor credit score, do not forget our name.

You need to apply online and receive funds once you qualify on the parameter of creditworthiness. Many of our borrowers are from remote areas, and they frequently borrow from us every time they need funds. We aim to create a healthy financial atmosphere in the country for the fund seekers.

Without any location bias or employment status constraint, we only expect you to repay funds on time. Every lender has to follow the rules of regulatory authorities. We need a basic repaying capacity of the borrower to be able to approve your loan request.

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Can I pay instalments on a date of my choice?

All of our borrowers pay instalments on a date of their choice. But the first date you choose as the time of loan approval can be fixed according to your wish. But here also, we apply the rule of flexibility. In case you find it challenging to repay funds due to any money crisis, at that time also we can change the date. But in such situations also, we cannot make frequent alterations.

For the comfort of the borrowers, we take instalments through auto-debit. In that case, it is not possible to update the systems for the new auto-debit dates every now and then. We usually can change your date of repayment thrice in the complete tenure for whatever reason you want.

Can I get bad credit loans for debt consolidation purposes?

As we mentioned above, there is no constraint of purpose on our poor credit loans. If you have multiple loans, but they are short-term and can be paid off through a bad credit loan, you can consolidate debts.

It is always on the financial circumstances of the applicant. If he can get rid of the multiple debts with the legit loans for bad credit in Ireland, we have no issues with that. Many of our existing customers use the funds for this purpose.

However, the terms and conditions to qualify are the same. Current repaying capacity is always essential for you to be eligible for the funds.

CashPounds is a dedicated lender with rational deals. Apply, and you may conclude we are the correct response if you are confused on how to get a loan with bad credit in Ireland. We try to keep everything understandable for you, from the application process to the fund disbursement and instalments. Get an individual relationship manager to solve all sorts of queries related to your loan deal.


What should I do to get instant approval on bad credit loans?

Your recent financial behaviour is very important. Keep it good and disciplined because that helps in getting instant approval.

Can you lend me if another lender has rejected my loan previously?

We constantly check your current repaying capacity, and if that is strong, we have no issues lending you funds. In most cases, people misinterpret that after rejection, they may not get funds. But you should always apply; however, keep a gap between the two applications.

What if I miss or delay instalments for bad credit loans?

Every lender has a different way to manage it. But CashPounds work according to professional norms. We never apply any penalty on the first two missed or delayed payments. After that, we send you a notice to explain your situation and then try to reschedule the payment plan to make the installation easier.

How many times can I get a bad credit loan?

As many times as you want. However, for that, it is essential to have a clean credit history with us. If your past repayments were on time, we are always happy to lend you funds again because it improves your credit score when you pay timely.

I am a care leaver student. Can I get a poor credit loan?

Absolutely you can get the loans because, for us, every student is equal. Like always, our only condition is a good repaying capacity and a regular source of income to pay the instalments on time.

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