5-year plan
admin May 20, 2022

If you have just started your business, you will need to create a 5-year plan as it will give you a direction of where you are to go and which you are to follow to reach your destination.

However, you do not have just to create a business plan when you are a start-up company. In fact, established businesses also need it. The dynamic nature of business often interrupts the smooth flow of business, and therefore entrepreneurs are supposed to revise their plans.

Why is it essential to Create a 5-year Plan for your Business?

Creating a 5-year plan is crucial because it helps you achieve long-term goals like increasing revenues by a certain amount. However, it has become an overused term. Entrepreneurs just make a plan, but they fail to stick to it.

Your business cannot grow unless you are strategic, and you must have foresightedness to reach the desired level. Now the question is why you should create a business plan. You must know your goals, and you should work toward them.

Though you know what your business aims to achieve, it can help you stay organised. It must be in writing for start-up companies because your mentors would like to take a look at it before investing money in your business.

By having a business plan in writing, you will be able to see the progress and brainstorm how to improve flaws if you have slipped up.

How to write a 5-year Plan?

Writing a business plan seems to be very daunting. You are to set goals that you would want to achieve in the coming years. If you are a start-up company, you need to ensure that your plan is worth considering by investors.

By having a vision, you can create an effective business plan. If it is your first time, you will likely feel like drifted. In order to help, the following tips have been shared:

1. Write an Executive summary

When it comes to creating a business plan, the first step is to write a summary. This section will summarise what your plan includes. It can help investors and mentors understand all the critical points that you have covered in it.

For instance, in the summary section, you will likely tell your goal is to double your revenues in the next five years. The strategy to achieve your goal will be elaborated on in other sections. The summary section can straightaway inform everyone about your goals.

2. Have a Mission and Vision Statement

The next step is to write a mission statement that talks about what you do, who you do it for, and its benefits to your targeted community. However, a vision statement describes where you see when you accomplish your mission in the next five years.

If you are looking to raise funds for your business, investors would like to know about your business – what you do and how you do it. Therefore, it is imperative to explain it in detail. No investor will collaborate if they find it ambiguous.

It should not be copied or a general statement. You should instead express the way you do your business. These statements help investors and mentors know the values of your company. They will collaborate with your business only when they find like-mindedness.

3. Include SWOT analysis

Your business plan is incomplete without a SWOT analysis. You will have to explain your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and weaknesses. Strengths will help your investors get an idea of your business performance in the coming years.

This sets you apart from your competitors. This will throw light on how you can ride out. You cannot just tell your weaknesses. You will instead have to tell what you will do to overcome them. Likewise, you will write down the course of action to take advantage of opportunities and avert threats.

SWOT analysis is the most integral part of a five-year plan of business. Investors make a decision based on this analysis. It must be done with accurate measures. Do proper research and analyze the competition. Seek assistance from an expert in it if you are overwhelmed. If you need money to hire a professional service for SWOT analysis, you can take out a cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland.

4. Write down Business metrics

You must mention key performance indicators as they will let your investors know how your company has been growing recently. Some common key performance indicators include sales rate, conversion rate, traffic rate, profit margin, and so on.

You can list out the business measuring metrics so investors will know the actual value of your business. Your investors can easily determine which one they should project by knowing key performance indicators.

5. Tell about your target Audience

A target audience involves customers whom you would sell your products and services. No investor will be ready to invest in your business without knowing the targeted customers.

For instance, if your goal is to double revenues, you will have to plan a strategy to pitch your targeted audience to customers in a way that they make purchases frequently.

Your investors would also want to make profits from the investment, and therefore, they would likely carefully review your target audience and your strategy to reach out to them.

6. Note down Industry Analysis

This will outline the details of your competitors within your industry. You cannot estimate whether you will likely grow or not without the industry analysis. You should know where your organisation will stand in the coming years.

If you want to double your revenues, for instance, or want to increase investments, you will have to streak ahead of your competitors. You must frame your strategy on how you will stay ahead in the competition. Your investors would like to know your current level and where you want to reach, and the framework you have prepared for it.


Whether your purpose is to attract investors or simply double your revenues, you will have to make a 5-year plan for your business. Your efforts will reflect in the progress of your business. When you are making good profits, your business will automatically thrive.

It is vital to have more and more revenues generated so you can meet all operations of your business. For instance, you may need to spend on recruitment to hire staff, buy a car for your business purposes, etc. You must have profits to meet these expenses. However, if you still have a cash problem, you can take out bad credit car finance in Ireland. By having a business plan, you can have the right strategy.