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Financial circumstances, whether predictable or unpredictable, need to be managed smartly with ample money. With our limited earning, it is not always possible to manage expenses. Sometimes we feel the need for additional support, and at that time, taking a loan can be a suitable solution. It is the reason that personal loans in Ireland are popular because they all fulfil the needs immediately. A basic repaying capacity is required to get approval.

If you are also in a money crisis or need extra support to fill a financial gap, CashPounds can provide you with the required funds. The application process is not time-consuming as it is paperless. Also, the lending decision appears within 5 to 10 minutes of application submission.

Money is important only when you get it in time of need. Once you get approved for the loan, we transfer money within 24 hours. Here it is important to mention that we have the approval rate of 99%. It means you should not be worried about your chances of obtaining funds.

Every borrower gets an individual relationship manager after the loan approval and fund disbursement. He assists you throughout the tenure to solve any query and to deal with a new situation. Many borrowers demand to change their repayment schedules. Yes, we have this facility. In that case, their manager does all the formalities to get things done while working as a bridge between the borrower and us.

Features of personal loans in Ireland

Personal loans in Ireland have multiple traits to ensure the financial well-being of the borrowers. You should know about these features if you need funds for any personal reason, as an informed decision is always the best one. We want that every borrower should know about the nature of a loan product. The maximum calls we get from the fund seekers have the same query.

  • No need to show savings against your loan. After all, it is a short-term loan, and only long-term loans need a certain saving as a backup equivalent to 6-month loan instalments. If your current finances have been stable in the last 6 months, we approve.
  • Loan amount is minimum of €1,000 and maximum of €65,000. We try to keep the maximum possible loan amount because we receive loan requests where people have multiple short-term and long-term needs.
  • Apply with a bad credit situation. If the current repaying capacity of the borrower is good, it is possible to borrow funds despite a poor credit rating. We cannot reject an application for the past financial issues of an applicant.
  • Pay off early without any prepayment penalty. Many people try to pay off funds faster to save a huge amount of money on the interest rate. In that case, it is not fair to give them the burden of a penalty. It is against fair lending.
  • No guarantor and no collateral required applying – Personal loans have no guarantor required, and no collateral is necessary for borrowing funds. Only your current repaying capacity is the prime factor. If that is fine, you will get approval.

How can I get personal loans if I have a bad credit score?

To get personal loans in Ireland for a bad credit situation, you need to fulfil certain terms and conditions. They are neither complicated nor impossible. We need certain financial and personal details from you to process the application. A little attention to your own personal financial circumstances can help.

Provide the following thing to get a personal loan with a low credit score –

  • Bank statement of last 6 months – To see your financial situation, it is necessary to check your bank statement. Nevertheless, this is not something that we ask from only poor credit score people. Even an applicant with a good credit rating has to provide this detail.
  • Income statement of last 6 months – You need to prove your repaying capacity by showing a regular income. For that, you need to show your salary slip or any sort of proof that can prove you are earning every month. The income should be regular.
  • 6-month business accounts if self-employed – Many of our borrowers have their own business, and to borrow funds for a personal cause, they provide business accounts. It is just like a salaried person provides salary slips or any type of income proof.
  • Apply for an amount that you can pay off easily – Many times, the borrowers get rejected because they apply for a bigger amount than their repaying capacity. To get a loan with bad credit, you always know this fact to get a smooth approval on the funds.

How Can I Win A Low-Interest Rate Deal On My Personal Loan?

You just need to work on your personal financial circumstances because attaining a lower rate is not an impossible thing. As we mention every time, repaying capacity is most important to get unsecured personal loans in Ireland. Through varied ways, if you can prove it well, you can get a lower interest.

  • Recent bills and debts should show timely payments – As we normally ask for 6-months bank statements, we see whether you may make timely payments or not. Check the repaying capacity. It is an important factor. Timely payments help in getting a lower rate of interest.
  • An additional income source helps borrow bigger and cheaper – It is not an obligation to have an extra income. However, it is just a suggestion from our side to help you find a way for a lower rate. Normally this suggestion is useful for poor credit score people.
  • No multiple search footprints are good to get a lower rate – Apply to only one lender at a time. Multiple search footprints happen due to applications to many lenders at the same time. Otherwise, it can make you look credit hungry, and even rejection may happen.
  • Show a recent increment in your salary at the workplace – Yes, it can be a beneficial factor. If you have received an increment, you have a stronger repaying capacity now. It helps get a lower interest rate because you can easily repay the instalments, which is a big reason.

I am unemployed and now working as a freelancer – Can I get a Personal Loan?

Yes, you can get a personal loan despite being unemployed with a freelance job if your income is regular. We always tell our borrowers that they can get funds without any constraint if they can prove their source of earning is consistent. After coronavirus, this situation has become quite common because many of our applicants have the same situation.

In fact, many of the existing customers who were employed are jobless today. However, based on their good past repaying history with us and an alternative income source, we approve their personal loans. You can also apply if you are earning despite job loss through some alternative work or job. Employment status has nothing to do with your approval chances if you prove that you can pay the instalments at the right time.

Do I need to pay an instalment if I miss a repayment?

No, missing one repayment cannot make you pay any penalty. In fact, at CashPounds, we do not apply any penalty charge up to 3 delays of missed repayments. Yes, we can only change your repayment schedule to make it more convenient. However, even if you continue to miss or delay the repayments, we have to follow the lending rules.

In that case, it may include a penalty. However, it is the rarest case because most of our borrowers pay a timely instalment when we change their repayment plan. The small monthly instalments and a lower rate of interest are already affordable for all the borrowers. Normally we suggest to our borrowers that they should inform us timely about their financial issues. We can at least give them a suitable solution at the right time.

CashPounds always commit to offer uncompromised personal loans in Ireland online through a speedy and simple procedure. Customisation is an important feature of our deals that keep every borrower satisfied about the total cost of the loan. It helps them find the financial respite they are looking for. If you want to know more about us, the best way can be to experience that on your own. Apply Now and borrow funds for your personal reasons, and you will see how smoothly things work with us. Thanks to the trust of the millions of borrowers that borrow from us and authenticate our worth to the world.


Do I need to mention the purpose while applying for the personal loan?

NO, you never mention the cause because the personal loans are for your personal reasons, and the borrower may not always be able to explain them.

How much time does it take to get a personal loan?

Normally, it takes 24 hours for the final disbursement. But the maximum time for fund disbursal is two days, including Sunday and holidays. We work on holidays and Sundays also.

How can I borrow a bigger amount?

The only way to get approved for a bigger amount is to prove your repaying capacity. The stronger is the current income status, the bigger can be the loan amount.

I do not want a hard credit check. Is soft check possible?

Yes, CashPounds provides a soft check to the borrowers. However, it may not be possible if you are applying as unemployed because, in that case, we need to go deeper before approval.

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